26 August 2019

Sealing plugs by Beele Engineering have been used for years to make pipe transits fire resistant, smoke proof and gas tight. The extended XL version means installation of the plug on one side is all that is required to achieve the desired fire resistance. Beele Engineering recently acquired the MED certificate for its SLIPSIL XL-120 plugs, which means they are CE certified in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU.

The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) is an EU directive designed to guarantee the quality of maritime equipment on board vessels sailing under a European flag. The MED 2014/90/EU stipulates that equipment that is to be placed on board existing or new ships must be approved and bear the MED mark of conformity: a ship’s wheel, also known as the Wheel Mark.

The MED certificate was issued by notified body KIWA, which has been accredited by the Dutch government to assess whether products meet specified standards. The MED certificate relates to the SLIPSIL XL-120 transit sealing system for steel, stainless steel, CuNi and copper pipes through decks and bulkheads in the A-60 class as well as for blind penetrations with SLIPSIL XL-120 blind plugs.

SLIPSIL XL-120 sealing plugs are very easy to install. The plugs consist of two (or more) parts that are lubricated and then fitted around the pipe (or pipes) in question. The plug sections are then slid into the open space around the pipe, effectively sealing the transit.

Installation can be carried out using precisely-fitting transit pipes of steel, stainless steel or even a fire-resistant plastic that has been specially developed by Beele Engineering.  Not only do the precisely fitting transit pipes guarantee an optimum seal, they also facilitate installation.

Optimal fire safety and water tightness?

Whatever the situation: Beele Engineering has a solution!