For effective sealing, many gaskets need to be tightened securely. However, this results in accelerated wear and tear that, in the event of fire or smoke development or leakage, can have catastrophic consequences. Gaskets based on high quality NOFIRNO rubber offer a solution for this. The gaskets are not only suitable for temperatures ranging from -50 °C to +180 °C, they also stand out due to their unique profiling. An optimal, lasting seal is obtained with modest compressive force of approximately 6-8 Nm. Tested to a maximum 15 bar.

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On land or water: our systems offer optimum protection against fire and water.


Beele Engineering is market leader in the field of innovative, high-quality sealing technology.

The sealing products and systems are versatile in use and are characterised by their ease of installation and maximum effectiveness. The systems are used in building and construction, shipbuilding, offshore and many other environments where penetrations need to be sealed reliably during the lifetime of an installation. The products of Beele Engineering are used for pipe penetrations, cable penatrations, coating en insulation

Customisation or uniformity?

Customisation of course! But then customisation that can be matched to your environment. You can order a complete overview of our systems here.