Beele Engineering continuously invests in education and training.

After all, our decades of knowledge and experience are put to the most effective use when this is shared. To do this, Beele Engineering has a Centre of Excellence – Sealing Valley – where research, development, testing, education and training converge. Where necessary and feasible, in transferring knowledge the Centre collaborates with external parties in the field of education, certification and training. Joining forces with suppliers and clients also takes place to work on accelerated innovation or to optimise the application possibilities in the field.

The build-up, maintenance and expansion of knowledge are also central to the workshops that are organised at Sealing Valley. At Sealing Valley, installers, advisers and professionals can give feedback, exchange information and thus, increase their knowledge. Knowledge transfer to younger professionals in the area of fire safety and water tightness is safeguarded through training and education. At Sealing Valley they are coached, supervised, trained and stimulated to proactively contribute to a safer world.

Visit the Sealing Valley website for a complete overview of the options.

Customised training?

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