Joint sealant

Prevent dangers through our joint sealing

Openings and joints are a source of fall hazard. In addition, these joints also form a natural flue in the event of fire. It is therefore necessary to seal these joints fire resistant. Beele Engineering has developed a proven solution for this in accordance with ETAG 026, section 3. With these solutions we ensure that joints are sealed in a durable and fire-resistant manner.

Whereas many joint sealings are difficult to install, our products excel due to their ease of installation. Whether openings need to be made fire-resistant or watertight: we offer a suitable solution for every environment.

View our joint sealant products: NOFIRNO and ACTIFOAM.

An easy and effective solution to seal joints? Ask for our proven sealing technology.


On land or water: our systems offer optimum protection against fire and water.


Every yard and contractor and everyone else involved in installing sealing systems knows how difficult installations can be. Not with Beele Engineering. Our sealing systems and products are easy to install without comprimising quality and effectiveness. Whether you are involved in newbuild projects or renovations: our systems can always be installed in a fraction of the time required for other systems. The result? A sealing system that is reliable and effective during the complete lifetime of an installation, ship or building. Let us help you  with one of our products for pipe or cable penetrations, coating and insulation.

Optimal fire safety and water tightness?

Whatever the situation: Beele Engineering has a solution!