NOFIRNO sealant offers the ultimate and cost-saving solution for sealing cable and/or pipe penetrations. The sealing system offers unprecedented fire resistance, is extremely quick to install and guarantees a long, maintenance-free service life. The NOFIRNO multi-all-mix system is the first sealing system that is approved for sealing combinations of cables and metals, GRP and plastic pipes through the same penetration.

Durable NOFIRNO- hoses

NOFIRNO hoses and kits are made of high quality silicone materials. Research into the lifespan of NOFIRNO sealant has shown that it is at least 20 years. Unlike other sealing systems, the NOFIRNO penetrations do not contain mineral wool or other moisture-absorbing materials. As a result, no corrosion can occur in the penetration.

NOFIRNO-system that meets all requirements

The NOFIRNO system is approved for A, H and Jet Fire class and has been specially developed for applications where, in addition to fire safety, requirements are also set for watertightness, gas tightness and resistance to shocks and shock waves. Thanks to the unique design, cables and tubes can be fed eccentrically or even at an angle without compromising functionality. In contrast to other sealing systems, the NOFIRNO system is not based on compression, as a result of which damage of, for example, fiber optic cables is excluded. Next to the standard NOFIRNO there is an EMC version available.

Next to the standard NOFIRNO there is an EMC version available. Typical applications for the use of the NOFIRNO system:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore
  • Industrial plants
  • Utilities and power plants
  • Environments where the safety of people and installations is at stake
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  • Approved for the toughest possible applications
  • Axial and radial movements of pipe in transit possible
  • High pressure resistant - developed for gas and watertight penetrations
  • Prevents corrosion in the penetration
  • Very long life and first-class Total Cost of Ownership
  • NOFIRNO hoses and sealants are not consumed by fire and remain stable in transit
  • Approved for every combination of cables and tubes (metal, GRP and plastic)
  • NOFIRNO-EMC available for EMC penetrations

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