Cable transits

Cable transists: the weakest link

Cable transits are often the weakest link in the chain of fire safety and water tightness. Many accidents and catastrophes are caused by sealing systems that didn’t perform at the moment that it was necessary. Products and sealing technologies of Beele Engineering are tested again and again. Not according to the minimum requirements to get approved.

The heaviest circumstances are used for testing our products and services. That is the only way to guarantee that the products will perform when needed. It minimizes the risk of accidents during the lifetime of an installation.

Whether you’re active in shipbuilding, as installer, consultant, engineer or building owner: our sealing systems for cable transits provide the ultimate solution for fire safety and water, smoke and gas tightness.

Want to make sure that your cable transits aren’t the weakest link in your safety chain? Contact us for the best solutions.


On land or water: our systems offer optimum protection against fire and water.


Beele Engineering is market leader in the field of innovative, high-quality cable transits and cable transit systems

The sealing products and systems are versatile in use and are characterised by their ease of installation and maximum effectiveness. The systems are used in building and construction, shipbuilding, offshore and many other environments where penetrations need to be sealed reliably during the lifetime of an installation. The products of Beele Engineering are used for pipe penetrations, cable penatrations, coating en insulation

Custom cable transit systems?

But then customisation that can be matched to your environment. You can order a complete overview of our systems here.