ACTIFOAM is used in a large range of applications for filling openings and gaps in constructions. In the event of fire, the opening is fully filled by the expanding rubber that offers a perfect firestop for a long period of time. ACTIFOAM can also be used for other sealing applications. An advantage is the fact that ACTIFOAM does not absorb water. The closed cell structure means that the rubber also has extremely good thermal insulating properties.

The ACTIFOAM system for multi-cable transits is supplied as ACTIFOAM rubber sheets and as pre-cut sheets. The material can be handled easily on site and modified to the local circumstances. The closed cell structure means that ACTIFOAM does not absorb any moisture.

Typical applications

  • fire-resistant transit of cables
  • fire-resistant transit of busbar trunking systems
  • fire-resistant transit of cables/cable trays through walls and floors (FIRSTO)
  • temporary firesafe sealing of openings during construction works
  • fire-resistant sealing of doors and hatches
  • fire-resistant, thermal protection of systems
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  • Easy solution for both new and existing cable transits
  • Foam rubber with a closed cell structure prevents the absorption of moisture
  • The rubber is activated on exposure to flames or heat
  • Self-corrective firestop system
  • EN approved for two hours of fire load
  • Extremely easy to insert more cables or remove cables
  • Front of sealing system can be finished with NOFIRNO sealant
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for the upgrade of existing installations

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