SLIPSIL plugs can be subjected to high pressures immediately after installation. The sealing plugs do not cause mechanical stress and prevent corrosion problems. After installation, maintenance is unnecessary so that considerable savings can be made on maintenance costs.

Durable SLIPSIL sealing plugs

Under normal environmental conditions the life of SLIPSIL sealing plugs is more than 20 years. The sealing plugs can be used over a wide temperature range. Even at temperatures down to -60 ° C the rubber remains flexible and does not harden. This ensures optimum density even at low temperatures. Applications up to +180 ° C are possible at the top of the temperature range. This means that almost all sealing conditions can be met.

Typical applications for the use of SLIPSIL sealing plugs:

  • Shipbuilding / offshore
  • Construction and industry
  • Chemistry and petrochemical plants
  • Energy and telecom companies
  • Water and waste water companies
  • Public buildings
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  • Specially developed for fire-resistant and gas and watertight sealing of pipe penetrations
  • For passages with one or more metal pipes of the same diameter (hydraulic and pneumatic pipes)
  • Installation is minutes work. Grease and press. More is not necessary!
  • Self-compressing system. No mechanical parts required, bolts unnecessary
  • Absorbs mechanical forces and vibrations prevents problems due to galvanic corrosion
  • Wide temperature range: from -60 ° C to max. + 180 ° C
  • The system for construction and industry for more than 50 years

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