Note: Instead of RISE try the use of NOFIRNO. The NOFIRNO filler sleeves contribute to ease of installation and make the sealing system faster to install than RISE. Click here for the all the details on the NOFIRNO system.

More than any other system, the RISE system has been subjected to the most stringent tests throughout the world. The system has received certification based on these tests and guarantees optimum fire safety. The stringent tests were a reason for the American and British navies to approve the RISE system for application on board their vessels.

The RISE extension frame is supplied for the upgrade of existing systems. The frame enables not only the fire resistance to be improved, it also substantially expands the transit capacity.

Typical application areas for the RISE system are:

  • shipbuilding and retrofits
  • offshore installations
  • construction
  • other environments in which the safety of people and systems must be guaranteed.
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  • For the fire-resistant and gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable transits
  • Compact system. No parts that require precision matching
  • No metal parts, no corrosion
  • Most efficient installation method
  • No pre-engineering or special transit modules
  • No restrictions on cable types and sizes, and insulation for the transit is not required
  • Very easy addition or removal of cables from the cable assembly
  • RISE extension frame for the upgrade of block systems - twice as much transit capacity!
  • Proven - new and upgraded systems
  • For decades, the system for shipyards across the world!

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