22 November 2019

Aalten, The Netherlands, November 2019 – Ever since the company’s foundation, approximately 45 years ago, Beele Engineering has constantly devoted attention to the installation simplicity of the company’s fire-resistant and gas, smoke and watertight systems. Now the company has once again developed a solution that saves the installer a great deal of time and money: an assembly set that makes it possible to easily install flange transit pipes in steel decks, floors, bulkheads and walls without the need for welding. The set is specifically designed for SLIPSIL and SLIPSIL XL-120 plugs with which the ultimate transit sleeve can quickly and effectively be installed with a fire-resistant and gas, smoke and watertight seal.

Welding onboard ships, as well as in industrial environments is not only time-consuming, it is also physically strenuous due to the heavy tools and gas bottles used. This applies all the more when welding is needed in difficult to reach areas or areas that require a lot of climbing. Furthermore, welding entails a high fire risk and requires a waiting time to allow the welded installation to cool off. This way a great deal of expensive installation time is lost.

Beele Engineering is now introducing a smart solution for this that makes it possible to simply screw pipe flanges in steel decks or bulkheads. The set consists of pipe flanges, a horseshoe-shaped guide ring, NOFIRNO gaskets and BEBOLTITE fastening bolts. To ensure optimal seal tightness, a NOFIRNO gasket is also integrated into the head of each bolt. The set is assembled by first turning one of the fastening bolts through the pipe flange and the NOFIRNO gasket into the guide ring. Next the ring is inserted through the opening in the bulkhead. After this the remaining BEBOLTITE fastening bolts are installed and tightened. Thanks to the quality of the NOFIRNO gasket, a tightening force of approx. 8 Nm is sufficient to ensure a long-term watertight seal.

The transit sleeve can then be sealed using the SLIPSIL XL-120 plug. This plug is EC-certified in accordance with MED 2014/90/EU and is used to seal existing pipe transits to provide them with a fire-resistant and gas, smoke and watertight seal. In addition, the transit sleeve is compatible with the SLIPSIL XL-120 blind plug to facilitate future pipework. The plugs consist of two (or more) parts that are lubricated and then fitted around the pipe (or pipes) in question. Next, the plug sections are slid into the open space around the pipe, effectively sealing the transit. Because of the precisely-fitting transit sleeve in the assembly set, this creates not only an optimal seal, it also ensures maximum ease of installation.

Optimal fire safety and water tightness?

Whatever the situation: Beele Engineering has a solution!