Big party to be held at Sealing Valley, and Aalten and the rest of the world will get to join in the festivities!

BREDEVOORT – To mark Beele Engineering’s fiftieth anniversary, we’ll be throwing a party at the Sealing Valley complex on the 1st of October. Some of the festivities will take place in Bredevoort, in the St Joriskerk Church (St George’s Church). Invitees from the Netherlands and abroad will be able to enjoy a classical music concert, organized by the St Joris Concerts Foundation. The concert was specially composed for the occasion and will be
performed by young, professional musicians. Inhabitants of the municipality of Aalten will be able to enjoy this unique performance, as well, by means of a live stream. The entire concert will be captured and live-streamed by AladnaFM and a professional company. Sealing Valley is celebrating, and all of Aalten will get to join in the festivities!

The special concert will symbolize the fifty-year “journey” undertaken by Beele Engineering’s Hans Beele. Said “journey” begins in a living room in 1973 and ends with the realization of the Sealing Valley complex in the present time. The concert will start at 4pm and will last approximately one hour. There will be a 15-minute interval. Four talented young musicians will perform the suite. They had four weeks to write and master these special arrangements.
The ensemble that will perform for us on this afternoon will consist of mezzosoprano Fee Suzanne de Ruiter, pianist Vera Kooper and saxophonists Marijke Schröer and David Cristóbal Litago.

Vera Kooper is a Dutch pianist. She has been described as a sensitive and expressive musician with impressive technique and passionate devotion to her profession. In 2020, she released her first solo CD, entitled “Hope”, featuring works by Ludwig van Beethoven and John Corigliano. In 2013, Vera was one of the cofounders of the Delta Piano Trio, along with violinist Gerard Spronk and cellist Irene Enzlin. The trio won quite a few awards, including
the Anton Kersjes Award.

Fee Suzanne de Ruiter obtained her Master’s degree in Opera from Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich, here she was supervised by vocal coach Daniela Sindram, in July. She received highly favorable reviews for her debut in Munich’s Prince Regent Theater.
In 2021, she was awarded a cum laude degree by Amsterdam University of the Arts, where she studied under vocal coach Sasja Hunnego. In addition to performing in operas, she specializes in regular songs.

David Cristóbal Litago is a Spanish saxophonist who attended Musikene, Amsterdam University of the Arts and NSMPD. He is a versatile musician who is active in all kinds of music-related projects. Among other things, he serves as the soprano saxophonist in the Melisma Saxophone Quartet. David obtained a Master’s degree in Amsterdam. He has won several prestigious awards, as well as several special distinctions.

Dutch saxophonist Marijke Schröer absolutely loves chamber music. She is part of several successful ensembles, in which she plays many different types of saxophones. Marijke has performed many times in Europe, China, Japan, and Mexico with the Melisma Saxophone Quartet. Melisma’s first CD, presenting works by Grieg, Ligeti, Back, and Lago, received very positive reviews, as did the “West Side Story” CD.

During the concert, one of the pieces that will be performed is the poignant “Embers” (Max Richter, 1966). Another is the more frivolous “Gypsy” (Georges Bizet, 1838-1875). This musical “journey” promises to be a very special event, unprecedented in this unique setting.
On this particular Sunday afternoon, the 1st of October, both Aalten and Bredevoort will be put on the map again. If you are interested in joining us on this “journey” (which will be expressed in musical form in the concert), you are welcome to do so.
It will give you the opportunity to live Hans Beele’s exciting life vicariously and learn more about his special career, nceasing ambition and mission to make the world a safer place. It will also introduce you to those people who, sadly, were unable to complete the “journey” with him…

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