The XATTAX sealing system is developed for sealing transit openings in the walls and floors of environments handling nuclear radiation. The system is resistant to gamma rays and offers shielding against radioactive radiation. XATTAX is the general name for a collection of products which can be used singly or in combination to achieve the desired sealing and shielding properties. At its heart is the Radiatt system which, applied in an 80cm-thick concrete wall, offers 100% shielding and protection against nuclear radiation.

Radiatt can be combined with several of Beele Engineering’s other products without any serious detraction from the sealing and shielding qualities. In this way, the combination of Radiatt and NOFIRNO offers 99.9% shielding against radiation. Even combinations of the NOFIRNO and ACTIFOAM systems, and of NOFIRNO and AQUASTOP, offer shielding of 91% and 99% respectively. As with other Beele Engineering systems, the Radiatt system is also entirely maintenance-free; in addition, it has an 80-year lifespan.

Typical applications

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Environments that are exposed to radioactive radiation
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  • For applications with radioactive radiation
  • Up to 100% shielding and protection against nuclear radiation
  • Combination with other sealing systems possible
  • Entirely maintenance-free
  • Lifespan of 80 years

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