The CET-A-SIL sealing plugs and the GLANDMOD gland module system offer improved safety/fire safety for industrial plants. The system is a smart and effective alternative for gland plates and can be used on generators, engines and other rotating equipment as well as in control cabinets in industrial installations. GLANDMOD and the associated CET-A-SIL sealing plugs enable incoming and outgoing cables to be sealed. The associated NOFIRNO rubber gaskets are supplied for the installation of the module.

The CET-A-SIL sealing plugs and the GLANDMOD module guarantee an IP68 rated watertight seal. The system was also exposed to a 1 bar explosion test, and is gas, dust and watertight up to > 0.4 bar. A fire-resistant version is also available. The GLANDMOD multi-cable transit module is available in HMPE plastic or aluminium and is explosion proof. The rectangular module is available for various cable configurations.

The associated CET-A-SIL sealing plugs are made of high-quality NOFIRNO rubber. The plugs are available for a wide range of cable diameters and are quick and easy to install. For optimal safety and ease of installation, the shape of the module's transit openings match the plug's shape. In addition to the regular sealing plugs, the range also contains easy to remove blind plugs for temporarily sealing transit openings. This makes it easy to add or remove cables from the cable assembly.

Typical applications

  • Generators and engines
  • Rotating equipment
  • Control cabinets in industrial systems
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  • Watertight seals in accordance with IP68
  • Gastight
  • Available in a fire-resistant version
  • HMPE plastic or aluminium GLANDMOD version
  • Explosion safe
  • Available for various cable configurations
  • NOFIRNO gaskets for optimal sealing

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