FYLLOFYS is a non-combustible thermal insulation. Among other things, it is used for firesafe insulation for metal pipes. In sheet form, the insulation material is also suitable for filling larger openings.

For application as insulation for pipes, FYLLOFYS shell parts are placed as insulation around a fibreglass reinforced pipe, CuNi or copper pipes. The shell parts are available in lengths of 100, 200, 300, 450 and 600 mm. The standard thickness of the shell parts is 25 mm. The FYLLOFYS shell parts are finished all round with a non-combustible FISSIC coating. Not only does this ensure optimum fire resistance of the parts, it also effectively prevents the absorption of moisture. The FISSIC coating layer also contributes to improving the mechanical strength of the shell parts. Thermal galvanised sleeve clamps are used to fit the shell parts around the pipe. To prevent the formation of rust beneath the insulation, the front of the shell parts can be finished with NOFIRNO sealant after installation.

FYLLOFYS insulation plates can be cut on site to the desired size. Combined with the FYLLOFOAM foam rubber, they offer an effective, fire-resistant seal for larger openings. The combination of FYLLOFYS and FYLLOFOAM for the sealing of openings was tested successfully during a 4-hour fire test in accordance with EN 1366-3:2009 in a 100 and 150 mm thick wall. The combination is classified in accordance with EI240/E240 (blind transits) and EI 60 and EI 90 for respective wall thicknesses of 100 mm and 150 mm for cables up to 80 mm.

The FYLLOFYS/FISSIC combination can also be used for thermal insulation for A-class environments. The material does not contain fibres and absorbs hardly any moisture, while the insulation material remains limited in thickness and length.

Combined with the NOFIRNO system, fire-resistant plastic transit frames and NOFIRNO gaskets, the FYLLOFYS insulation material offers an ideal solution for the fire-resistant transit of pipes and cables through sandwich panels.

Typical applications

  • Offshore installations
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industrial plants
  • Fire-resistant transits through sandwich panels
  • Construction
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  • Extremely easy to install
  • Does not contain fibres
  • Absorbs no moisture
  • Ready-made solution for insulating pipes
  • Ideal solution for fire-resistant transits through sandwich panels
  • Available as shell parts (pipes) and plates (wall transits)

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