FISSIC is a coating that is developed especially to protect metal components in shipbuilding, offshore and industrial plants. These components are often exposed to high humidity levels, seawater and other tough conditions. The FISSIC coating offers excellent protection. The coating is also fire resistant and can be used as a thermal insulating coating on cable and pipe transits.

FISSIC Coating is an APEO-free, water-based polymer emulsion, to which no VOC-containing solvents are added. The coating has been tested extensively and has successfully passed flame distribution and toxicity tests. The coating is gastight up to 30 mBar.

FISSIC is easy to use; the coating can be applied using a brush, roller or airbrush. FISSIC also offers a solution for the frequent problem of corrosion in transits. Providing the insulating layer with FISSIC or using a combination of FYLLOFYS and FISSIC enables the effective prevention of corrosion in the transit.

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  • Fire resistant
  • UV and saltwater resistant
  • Prevents corrosion beneath the insulation
  • Easy to apply without primer
  • Oil and diesel resistant
  • Available as paint or sprayable paint
  • Excellent adhesion on various surfaces
  • Does not contain solvents

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