FIRSTO firestops are especially developed for the fire-resistant transit of multiple cables and cable trays through walls and floors. The firestop is a modular system that is easy to fit to the wall or floor around the cable/cable tray transit. Working in confined spaces is often difficult. FIRSTO offers a solution for this. The system is not only easy to install, it also makes it easy to pull through more cables or remove cables later on. The firestop prevents fire and smoke from spreading and can also withstand heavy mechanical loads.

FIRSTO can be used for the fire-resistant transit of cables and/or cable trays through wall and floor openings. No other fire stop combines such easy installation and fire resistance with flexibility, quality and time and cost savings.

Typical applications

  • data centres
  • petrochemical and chemical industry
  • telecommunications industry
  • other environments in which the safety of people and systems must be guaranteed
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  • For new and existing cable transits
  • Foam rubber prevents the absorption of moisture
  • Rubber is activated by flames or heat
  • Self-corrective firestop system
  • EN approved for two hours of fire load
  • Extremely easy to insert more cables or remove cables
  • Front of sealing system can be finished with NOFIRNO sealant
  • Handy modular casing
  • Ideal for systems with cable assemblies that change regularly

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