Plastic pipes always form a serious problem in the event of fire. The plastic softens in temperatures of approximately 75 °C and spontaneous combustion occurs at approximately 140 °C. The CRUSHER offers the solution for this. When exposed to fire the CRUSHER forms a self-adhering mass that fully seals the transit opening and does not offer fire the chance to spread further.

The most simple and effective RISE/ULTRA technology makes the CRUSHER system applicable for all types of plastic pipe transits. RISE/ULTRA C-fit crushers squeeze the pipe shut and seal transit openings during fire. For oversized transits, RISE/ULTRA is supplied in strips.

On exposure to fire, RISE/ULTRA forms a self-adhering mass. The CRUSHER system is approved for a combination of all types of plastic pipes. The crushers and strips are combined with NOFIRNO sealant, which offers excellent adherence to plastics and guarantees a high level of water tightness.

Typical applications

  • Shipbuilding/shipping
  • Offshore and industrial plants
  • Construction
  • Environments in which the safety of people and systems are endangered
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  • Extremely simple and effective system for fire-resistant transit of plastic pipes
  • RISE/ULTRA C-fit crushers squeeze the pipe together and seal transit openings during fire
  • RISE/ULTRA strips for oversized openings
  • Larger openings are filled using NOFIRNO sleeve sections and sealant
  • Unique – adhesion during fire impact
  • RISE/ULTRA forms a self-adhering mass during exposure to fire!
  • Approved for transits with multiple plastic and metal pipes
  • Tested for soldered pipes and Python pipes

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