Actifoam - Ultra

ACTIFOAM/ULTRA is a fire resistant sandwich system that consists of several layers of ACTIFOAM and RISE/ULTRA rubber which together guarantee the best possible fire resistance. The material is easy to process and can be pressed in so that it clamps securely into openings. Fire resistance can be improved still further by finishing the edges of the sandwich sheets with NOFIRNO sealant.

In the case of fire, this sealant forms a ceramic, protective layer which ensures that the ACTIFOAM/ULTRA material remains intact and can do its work. The fire-resistant sandwich system has been subjected to the heaviest-possible, two-hour fire test. These hydrocarbon fire tests actually take into account situations where temperatures can very quickly rise up to 1100 °C. This rapid and extreme heat rise imposes heavy demands on the fire-resistant sealing system.

In contrast to the usual tests which normally take an hour, the ACTIFOAM/ULTRA material was tested successfully for fire resistance over a two-hour period, at a temperature of 1250 °C. The sealing remained intact throughout the fire test, and no gaps appeared in the sealing.

Typical applications

  • Tunnel construction
  • Building and industrial installations
  • Chemical and petrochemical installations
  • Utility and telecom companies
  • Public buildings
  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore installations
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  • Fire-safe sandwich system with ACTIFOAM and RISE/ULTRA-rubber
  • Successfully tested for fire-resistance at a temperature of up to 1250 °C (2 hours)
  • Foam rubber with a closed cell structure prevents the absorption of moisture
  • The rubber is activated on exposure to flames or heat
  • Self-corrective firestop system
  • Maximum fire safety
  • Front of sealing system can be finished with NOFIRNO sealant
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for sealing openings

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