Job Offer

Engineering Team Leader


Development and engineering is part of Beele Engineering’s DNA. What today still appears to be impossible, our engineering team will be working on tomorrow. And there is a good chance that a solution will be found within a foreseeable future. Now that Sealing Valley, the expertise centre for sealing technology, is almost ready to open its doors, it is time to expand and renew the engineering team.

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Experienced Head Accounting Department/Controller


Aalten accommodates one of the most progressive companies in the Netherlands active in the field of sealing technology. Over a period of 45 years, Beele Engineering has grown to become the world’s absolute best in its profession. In addition to production facilities, the R&D centres and the warehouse in Aalten, the company has an international sales organisation that covers the entire globe.
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Production Manager


One of the most modern production sites in Europe is located along the Vierde Broekdijk in Aalten. A large part of our product production programme is fulfilled here.

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Quality Officer


For the past 45 years, Beele Engineering has stood for quality. From the initial development to final delivery, all of our work is characterised by quality. All facets of the development and production process are included in this.

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Laboratory Workers


The most modern laboratories in the field of sealing and rubber technology are located along the Vierde Broekdijk in Aalten and in the near future along the Industriestraat in Sealing Valley. This not only includes our burner for conducting large-scale fire tests, but also all of the equipment and technology needed to research and test the physical properties of our products – ranging from rheometers and salt spraying testing equipment to climatological testing equipment. This could very well be your future working environment!

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Working at Beele


Working at Beele Engineering means working with passion and drive on a safer world at one of the most challenging companies in this profession! Beele Engineering specialises in sealing technology. Globally we are a leader in the field of innovative technologies for fire safety and water tightness. With products that stand out on the basis of their quality. This is why the Beele Engineering team, day in, day out, works on improving and renewing the world in which we live and work, and on making it a safer place. In the near future we will even go beyond this.

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Optimal fire safety and water tightness?

Whatever the situation: Beele Engineering has a solution!