21 March 2019

Beele Engineering’s NOFIRNO system has been tested for rodent resistance by a public transportation company, with positive results. A number of solutions were tested during the research. The NOFIRNO rodent resistance consists of filler sleeves and a sealing kit which, as well as being thermally insulating, are also fire-resistant. The combination of sleeves and kit also creates a sealing layer which is both gas and water-tight. It thus combines rodent resistance with fire protection and waterproofing.

Rodents like rats and mice regularly find their way into electrical equipment and components through transit openings. The reason can be found in the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures: if the warmth is transmitted to the exterior through the transits, there’s a significant chance that they will be gnawed open. Alongside serious damage to cables and equipment, this could also cause total system failure, for example through short-circuits. Not only does this lead to economic losses, but in the public transportation sector or in airports, for instance, situations could also be life-threatening. Attempts to keep rodents out, for example with PUR foam, often yield no result. After extensive testing, Beele Engineering’s NOFIRNO sealing system turns out to be perfectly suited as protection against rodents.

The rodent protection serves not only as a solution for external control cabinets for public transportation companies. Control cabinets for utility companies, at airports and airfields, for telephone exchanges and the operating centres of telecom operators, water utilities’ pumping stations and the transits for data centres etc., can all be better protected against rodents, fire and flooding by using the system.

Optimal fire safety and water tightness?

Whatever the situation: Beele Engineering has a solution!