22 January 2020

Aalten, The Netherlands, January 2020 – The NOFIRNO sealing system used to seal cable and pipe transits to make them fire-resistant and water, smoke and gastight is used on a large scale in the industry, construction and ship building sectors. A renewed EC certificate was recently issued for this system for the ship building sector in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU and the EU Implementing Regulation 2019/1379. The EC (MED) certificate (Module B) not only applies to the NOFIRNO system, but also to combinations of this system with Beele Engineering’s CRUSHER system, as well as to the Multi-All-Mix transit for combined cable and pipe transits.


Where it is customary to include a general description of the product and its applications in such certificates, the Notified Body Kiwa Telefication, at the request of Beele Engineering, has significantly expanded the document. The new MED certificate for the NOFIRNO system consequently provides greater clarity and certainty in the field. In addition to the product description, the document also includes a precise description of how to apply the product in each area of application. This way Beele Engineering makes the practical installation and safety of fire-resistant transits onboard ships completely transparent.

The renewed certificate applies to Class-A pipe transits, including A-60 and A-0 deck and bulkhead transits for steel, stainless steel and CuNi pipes, as well as for glass fibre-reinforced epoxy (GRE) pipes, A-60 deck and bulkhead transits for multiple steel, stainless steel, CuNi pipes and GRE pipes, A-60 deck and bulkhead transits for multiple mixed steel, stainless steel, CuNi and GRE/plastic pipes, A-60 blind deck and bulkhead transits, A-60 deck and bulkhead transits for plastic pipes, as well as for A-60 Multi-All-Mix transits that can also be used to feed through cables and pipes. In addition to an elaborate description for each area of application, the certificate also includes a drawing for each application.

Marine Equipment Directive

The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) is an EU directive designed to guarantee the quality of maritime equipment onboard vessels sailing under a European flag. The MED 2014/90/EU stipulates that equipment that is to be placed onboard existing or new ships must be approved and bear the MED mark of conformity: a ship’s wheel, also known as the Wheel Mark.

Optimal fire safety and water tightness?

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