FYLLOFOAM is a newly developed foam rubber on the basis of the proven NOFIRNO rubber grade. The foam rubber is used as alternative for mineral wool systems and as sealing system for installations where cable trays or cable ladders have to be passed through the conduit opening. The system is successfully tested in fire tests for E240 rating for the building and construction industry. With a λ lambda of 0.23 W/(m-K) and a density of 1.1 the FYLLOFOAM passed a 4:20 hours fire test according to EN1366-3:2009 in a wall with 100 and 150 mm thickness.

FYLLOFOAM is used as a sealing solution for penetrations in sandwich constructions with an A60/E160-rating. The foam rubber is combined with the HR conduit sleeves or conduit frames. This combination can also be used for B-class penetrations. FYLLOFOAM rubber sheets can be easily cut to size matching the overall thickness of the conduit. To obtain initial smoke tightness any gaps around the cables could be filled with the FIRAQUA kneadable rubber.

Typical applications

  • Tunnel construction
  • Building and construction
  • Food and process industry
  • Sandwich constructions
  • Utilities and telecom companies
  • Public buildings
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  • Based on the proven NOFIRNO technology
  • Firesafe sealing system for sandwich constructions en cable trays and cable ladders
  • Successfully tested on fire safety in a 4 hours and 20 minutes fire test according to EN1366-3:2009
  • E240-rating for building applications
  • Combinations possible with FIRAQUA kneadable rubber for initial smoke tightness
  • Optimized fire safety
  • Easy to install and maintain

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