21 March 2019

Following Lulea in Sweden, Facebook is currently building its second data centre outside the United States. This time, Co Meath (Ireland) has been chosen as the place to build a large complex measuring 31,000 square metres with an option for a further extension. The new data centre will be one of the most advanced and energy-efficient data centres in the world to operate on 100% sustainable energy. The latest server, storage and network technology will be applied here. The latest sealing technology of Beele Engineering was chosen for the penetration sealing.

The new data centre was designed by the international multidisciplinary consulting firm Cundall, specialists in engineering, design and sustainable solutions for the built environment. The company was previously involved in the construction of Facebook’s data centre in Sweden.

The experience acquired by this company in the water sector using Beele Engineering products was reason enough for Cundall to introduce the NOFIRNO system of Beele Engineering to Facebook for this new building. During discussions about the construction plans Facebook had indicated that it only wished to work with the best materials. In particular, the service life tests of the system, in which a service life of 50 years was determined, made a big impression on the American IT company.

The Beele system ensures that all cable entries and cable penetrations in the data centre are reliably and safely sealed and protected against water and fire. In total, it concerns approximately 4,000 openings that require to be sealed.

The actual construction work is being carried out by Mace, a contractor that works closely with a specialised company in sealing technology for the sealing work. To keep the realisation time as short as possible, Beele Engineering has provided on-site training and support. Consequently, the first delivery was able to be realised within a few weeks, which enabled the electric power supplies to be connected in a timely manner. The remaining sealing work is currently ongoing.

Facebook’s preference for the NOFRINO system once again emphasises the importance of innovation through research, development and testing. Beele Engineering’s own laboratories, its own fire lab and an international team of engineers not only make that possible, they also underline the fact that the company from Aalten does not shirk from investing in new technology – financially, staff wise and organisationally.

Optimal fire safety and water tightness?

Whatever the situation: Beele Engineering has a solution!