5 October 2019

Beele Engineering tests ability of FYLLOFYS/FISSIC insulation materials to withstand cryogenic temperatures

Aalten, The Netherlands, October 2019 – The transport of highly inflammable, cryogenic liquids, such as liquid LNG, entails safety risks. In addition to an elevated combustion and explosion danger, the low temperature (-160°C for LNG) also adversely affects the materials used to contain the liquids. Leakage of LNG can therefore have far-reaching consequences. Embrittlement is an often-occurring phenomenon in this regard. To be able to guarantee safety/fire safety and water-tightness under all conditions, Beele Engineering – in part pursuant to market demand – conducted tests to determine the extent to which FYLLOFYS and FISSIC-based insulation materials offer protection for the structure and transits.


The test was conducted using liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C sprayed into a steel test tray with an integrated transit opening. The transit opening with cables and a steel pipe were sealed to be fire-resistant and smoke, water and gastight using the NOFIRNO system. FYLLOFYS insulation material was applied to the bottom of the metal container and around the metal transit. The material was finished with a Beele Engineering FISSIC coating.


The test demonstrated that the FYLLOFYS/FISSIC combination is highly resistant to cryogenic liquids and is suitable as an insulation material in environments with temperatures below -160°C. In addition, it was furthermore demonstrated that the NOFIRNO sealing system continued to be watertight at an ambient temperature following the test after it was fully submerged into water.


The FYLLOFYS/FISSIC combination is not only highly resistant to cryogenic fluids but can also be used as thermal insulation for A-class environments. The material does not contain fibres and does not absorb any moisture, while any changes in the material’s thickness and length remain limited.



FYLLOFYS is a non-combustible thermal insulation that among other things can be used as firesafe insulation for metal pipes. In sheet form, the insulation material is also suitable for filling larger openings.




In pipe insulation applications, FYLLOFYS scales are placed around pipes to insulate them. FYLLOFYS scales and plates are finished all around with an A2-class certified, water repellent and thermally insulating FISSIC coating.


FYLLOFYS insulation plates can be cut to the desired size on-site. Before installation, the cut edges must be finished with a FISSIC coating.

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