LEAXEAL is a sealing system for providing individual fire resistant as well as gas and water tight seals for cables and pipes. The system is specifically intended for the sealing of single penetrations in existing openings requiring considerable tolerances in the penetration opening and the ducted cable or pipe to be bridged. The LEAXEAL clamp seals can be installed after the cable/pipe has been laid.

The clamp seal consists of two semicircular rubber parts which together form a sealing plug. The profile of the plug optimizes the distribution of forces in the rubber, thereby assuring an effective seal. At both sides of the plug there are two semicircular metal parts (compression plates) by means of which the seal is effected.

LEAXEAL clamp seals can bridge tolerances of 5mm. The maximum allowable pressure load is in excess of 2.5 bar.

Typical applications

  • Shipbuilding / offshore
  • Construction and industry
  • Chemistry and petrochemical plants
  • Public buildings
  • Environments with high pressure loads
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  • For applications with high pressures
  • The system can take pressure loads of up to 2,5 bar
  • System tolerances up to 5 mm
  • System combines plug and pressure ring
  • High-tech rubber with unique profiling for optimum sealing

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