21 March 2019

Healthy, clean, pure drinking water literally is of vital importance to humans. Not only for personal health and hygiene, but drinking water is also essential for numerous industrial applications. This is why the Kiwa Water Mark is becoming increasingly important for materials that can come into contact with drinking water. Recently, Beele Engineering’s NOFIRNO rubber and sealant as well as the AQUASTOP mouldable rubber were evaluated for their suitability for drinking water applications, with positive results.

The NOFIRNO rubber, which received the Kiwa Water Mark, is used for the production of SLIPSIL and DYNATITE sealing plugs and NOFIRNO filler sleeves, sleeves, sealants and gaskets. Both the sealing plugs as the NOFIRNO system are used fthe water and gastight and firesafe sealing of cable and pipe penetrations through walls and floors, and for drinking water storage systems. AQUASTOP is a mouldable rubber used to seal leaking pipe and/or cable transits, for example in pumping stations. If necessary, the AQUASTOP layer can also be covered with an additional NOFIRNO sealant layer.

The award of the Kiwa Water Mark once again demonstrates that Beele Engineering clearly understands that the fire safety and water tightness disciplines are all about human safety. In this respect the company would rather first experience resistance by raising a red flag and being a front runner, than wait until there is a disaster. “In that sense, the quality mark is in line with the knowledge and knowledge transfer that will also be key themes in our Sealing Valley Campus,” Hans Beele, President of Beele Engineering, explains. Sealing Valley, whose construction was recently started in Aalten, is a complex, unrivalled in size for Dutch standards, that brings together production, research, development, training and knowledge transfer relating to sealing technology, fire safety and watertightness.

Optimal fire safety and water tightness?

Whatever the situation: Beele Engineering has a solution!